National Group is a cluster of emerging Companies doing diverse activities under the Chairmanship of Sheikh Naif Bin Ali Al-Thani. Among the group National Investments and developments is the oldest: founded in 1964 by a team of qualified Engineers specializes in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Architecture etc. (Q-Nap Co.): it is manufacturing Aluminium and Stainless steel Composite Panels; Tohoku Bend Qatar for manufacturing induction Bend Steel pipe fittings especially for serving Oil & Gas industry in the region.


Under the wise leadership and guidance of Sheikh Naif Bin Ali Al Thani, group is flourished from the sprout is now spreading its branches to various sectors of the industry. As indicated, members of the Group are doing varied activities; we are focusing on attending almost all sectors of the industry with a National Touch.


Group is under the direct management of our Chairman: an emerging business magnet in the region with deep roots in local and regional politics is the strength and soul of our group; controls coordinates and directs the activities of members, promoting them with a vision and commitment to the state and society.


Presently, we are an inevitable presence in Trading, Investment and development, Manufacturing, Service and even Restaurants including in this chain. In addition, we are in search of expanding our services and scope hence more companies with unique products and services will be added to this link in a short while.

Pursuing the highest Industrial Standards

We at National Group provides world-class Industrial Standards in production, maintenance, Investments and developments adopting echo friendly methodologies in design, development etc. We achieve certificates for products and company.


  • Responding promptly to customers
  • Meeting the clients requirements
  • Implementing quality assurance
  • Providing employment
  • Seeking to improve the services
  • System of quality improvement.