Agriculture Centre for Irrigation System

Agriculture Centre for Irrigation System is a Qatari agricultural company in the private sector headed under the Chairmanship of Sheikh Naif Bin Ali Al-Thani, specialized in supplying innovative inputs and technologies in landscaping /agriculture that would help improving soil conditions and helps the plants to deal with harsh soil and environmental conditions. We also undertakes field/lab studies on various aspects of agriculture viz., microbial bio technology, bio saline agriculture, eco friendly farming, desert greening, water saving soil amendments etc. The company offers a package of solutions to various issues in the landscaping/ agricultural sector.

Pursuing the highest Industrial Standards

We at National Group provides world-class Industrial Standards in production, maintenance, Investments and developments adopting echo friendly methodologies in design, development etc. We achieve certificates for products and company.


  • Responding promptly to customers
  • Meeting the clients requirements
  • Implementing quality assurance
  • Providing employment
  • Seeking to improve the services
  • System of quality improvement.