Alliwan Engineering Consultancy

ALLIWAN ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS (AEC) was founded by His Excellency Sheik Naif Bin Ali Al-Thani From year 2008 Alliwan Engineering Consultants work covers the whole range of architectural services, consulting and also assume project construction supervisions.


Since the foundation of Alliwan Engineering Consultants in 2008 has identified the growing complexity of architectural, consulting and project construction supervision. Due to this the fast changing requirements of its costumers deriving from environmental factors e.g. economy, society, culture, technology, environment, and legal aspects.


Alliwan Engineering Consultants employees are highly qualified with professional and practical backgrounds deriving from any different professions: Architects, Engineers, Technical Staffs and Managers.


Furthermore, every employee is characterized by an open mindset and cultural sensitivity, often developed by professional and practical experiences.

Pursuing the highest Industrial Standards

We at National Group provides world-class Industrial Standards in production, maintenance, construction industry adopting echo friendly methodologies in design, development etc. We achieve certificates for products and company.


  • Responding promptly to customers
  • Meeting the clients requirements
  • Implementing quality assurance
  • Providing employment
  • Seeking to improve the services
  • System of quality improvement.