National Aluminium and Carpentry

National Aluminium and Carpentry Company specializes in a wide range of aluminium fabrication and carpentry works, providing customers with new possibilities and customized solutions.


Highly skilled personnel couple their expertise with a dedication to quality, resulting in unique ability to produce the most intricate of designs that are custom made to meet our specific needs of highly demanding customers in both aluminium and wood work fabrication.


In addition of quality of work, we have maintained short delivery times while consistently pleasing the customers with our designs.


Pursuing the highest Industrial Standards

We at National Group provides world-class Industrial Standards in production, maintenance, Investments and developments adopting echo friendly methodologies in design, development etc. We achieve certificates for products and company.


  • Responding promptly to customers
  • Meeting the clients requirements
  • Implementing quality assurance
  • Providing employment
  • Seeking to improve the services
  • System of quality improvement.